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About Lucy

Lucy Edwards is a broadcaster, journalist, content creator, speaker  & disability activist and is an absolute force to be reckoned with. After losing her full eyesight at only 17 to a rare genetic disease named Incontinentia Pigmenti, Lucy had no one to look up to that was going through the same thing and made it her mission to share her experiences with the world. Through her infectious personality and her open commentary on life, Lucy has amassed an incredible combined social media following of over 2.8 million. Her global audience has viewed Lucys content over one billion times and counting and has placed her as one of the leading voices in the diversity, equity and inclusion space worldwide.


Launching her successful career with the BBC in 2017 at just 20, Lucy produced content for Ouch! Disability Talk; BBC Radio 4's In Touch; and BBC News Online. By 2019, she broke new ground as the first blind presenter to host several shows on BBC Radio 1. Lucy's career has since expanded to include presenting documentaries for the BBC Travel Show, along with hosting panels, keynote speeches, and workshops for international brands, charities, media conglomerates, and corporate events. Her work earned her a Royal Television Society award for her Travel Show documentary on Kenyan safari. Notably, in June 2022, she shared her story of resilience at the Brilliant Minds conference in Stockholm sharing the stage with Malala, Alicia Keys  and Naomi Campbell. In March 2024, she hosted Apple's first-ever accessibility panel at SXSW, interviewing Sarah Herrlinger, the global accessibility lead, and won the RTS Breakthrough Presenter award for her documentary Japan - The Way I See It.


In October 2021, Lucy became an ambassador and commercial model for the global haircare giant Pantene, becoming the face with iconic red hair for their 2022 and 2023 Silky and Glowing and, Miracles Colour Gloss campaigns. These product lines are the first to print packaging to include the trailblazing technology Navilens, a QR style code which can be scanned with a smartphone making packaging accessible for the blind and visually impaired consumer - a testament to Lucy's leadership in advocating for universal design. Her collaboration with Procter & Gamble as their disability partner in 2024 further highlights her commitment to developing inclusive practices.


Lucy's book, "Blind Not Broken," released in March 2024 with Octopus Publishing, is groundbreaking. It not only features Braille on its cover but also integrates NaviLens technology, ensuring accessibility for all readers. This initiative is driven by Lucy's passion for making literature accessible, a desire rooted in her childhood experiences.


Lucy's daily efforts are dedicated to those who, like her younger self, lacked role models. She strives for a world where diversity is celebrated, and disability is recognised as a normal aspect of life. Underpinning her work is the belief in the social model of disability: it is society that needs to adapt, not the individuals with disabilities. Lucy's life motto, "Blind Not Broken," encapsulates her philosophy and her unwavering commitment to change.

Lucy speaks at the premiere of Netflix's the Gray Man
Lucy sits on a bench with Miss Molly just outside the TV Centre in London
Lucy sits glamorously on a crocodile skin like sofa surrounded by orange pillows. She wears a yellow playsuit and the mood is very 70s
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